Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dancing atop the Fortress of Death

On a trek up SavanDurga, a hill that lies near Magadi (~50 kms from Bangalore). Savandurga was supposedly once called Savina durga(meaning 'fortress of death'), during the times when the Kempegowdas of Magadi had a fort on top of the hill.

We ascended the hill the hard way round, not because we dint know of the easier route, but rather wanted to get the 'kick' of it. Several life or death situations, some almost-but-not-quite-impossible climbs and some torn jeans later, we almost reached the top. The Sun was waitin to set. We had to reach the top before that. This pic was when we were around a hundred metres from the top. Celebrations had already begun... but we were yet to find a way to reach there!

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